Frequently asked questions

What do I need to sell cattle at your auction?

Cattle need to come with a Livestock Manifest (for inspection and as a transport permit - and are available at the auction if you do not have one)

They also need to have a yellow RFID tag.
You may also want to have the a-form handy for the brand inspector from when you purchased your animal.

And it never hurts to call us to tell us what you are bringing ahead of time - that way we can post your consignment online!

What do I need to sell horses (and donkeys/mules) at your auction?

Horses (and donkey/mules) need a Livestock Manifest (for inspection and transportation - manifests are available here)

Horses also need an EID (equine information document) filled out. There is a pdf file at the bottom of this page (under "Other Important Information") or these are also availble at the office.

You should also have your a-form handy from when you purchased your animal in case the brand inspector asks you for it.

And we always recommend that you call ahead with what you are bringing so that we can advertise online here for you!

What do I need to sell sheep and goats at your auction?

We require sheep and goats to come with livestock manifests. These are available at the auction, and can be filled out here if you did not have them before. We get these filled out so that we make sure we have all your inforametion correct for payouts and that we have the correct head counts with the right person.

Sheep are required to have RFID tags.

We recommend you book everything in ahead of time so that we can advertise your consignments online here for you!

What do I need to sell pigs at your auction?

Pigs need to come (and go) with a special pork manifest. We have manifests from Alberta Pork here if you need. These are needed for transportation and are sent to Alberta Pork for traceability.

Pigs also need an identifier - be it a herd marker or an individual tag (preferred). We have the individual tags here if needed.

We always recommend that you book your items in ahead of time so that we can post your consignments online for you!

What do I need to sell small animals at your auction?

Small animals (birds, rabbits, etc) should come in some sort of container that you don't want back - a cardboard box is usually best.
Animals sell best when there is some sort of viewing window in the box - but it isn't necessary.
However, the box does need to be well ventilated (lots of air holes), it can't be over crowded (2 or 3 animals to a box usually sells well) and you should have ample bedding, food and water for them (and allow for weather conditions on sale day as well, including the size/time for the sale)

It never hurts to book in your consignments ahead of time so we can post consignments online!

What do I need to sell equipment at your auction?

To sell equipment we need you to book in ahead of time! In fact, the sooner the better.
The more advertising we can get you, the more bidders we will have at the sale.

If you are selling a registerable item - we need the pink card, and we need you to fill out your portion of a bill of sale BEFORE the sale so that when the item is sold, it is as quick and easy a transaction as possible for the buyer.

Do you want an Equipment sale at your farm? Call Brad on his cell 403-382-7362 to see what he can do for you!

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash, debit, cheque, credit card and e-transfer

What will you sell at your auction?

We will generally sell anything farm/livestock related.

But when it comes to household goods and furniture, we generally don't take that into consignment. (Please call for possible "Special" sale)

We will sell puppies under 6 months of age with a $20 deposit per pup, but we will not accept any mature dogs or cats.

What time do I need to have my consignments at the auction by?

All consignments should be here by sale start time on the day you are selling.
On Tuesdays, this is 10:30 am
On Saturdays this is 10:00 am
We are on the yard by 8 am on Tuesday and 7:30 am on Saturday for receiving.

If you would like to drop your consignments off earlier in the week, please call ahead to find out if there is a feed pen available.

How do I get a premise ID number?

There is a link at the bottom of this page under "Other Important Information" to a pdf for the form.

If you need assistance with filling out this form (or would like to fill one out online), if you have lost your PID number or for more information:

(In Alberta)
Call: 310-FARM (3276)